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Archive Month: May 2020


How to disinfect a Hotel Jacuzzi

Hotels have a responsibility to comply with government-enforced health codes. Housekeepers are responsible for the careful and methodical cleaning required to attain and preserve the pleasing hotel environment. One of the responsibilities of housekeepers is to disinfect a Hotel Jacuzzi methodically. By taking the time to decontaminate and disinfect a […]


How to deal with Communicable Diseases in Hotel

Some infectious diseases are highly contagious and give rise to such a severe consequence that they prove to be menace to human lives and economy. Only the proper precautionary and/or control measures in place, the catastrophe can be averted. Hotel premises are such a sensitive place that a little bit […]


How to defend your hotel guests and staff from Covid19

The experts are yet to confirm how exactly the corona virus passes on, or how easily the contagion happen. Many of the cases of Covid19 detected at first were tied straight to Wuhan. But some of the following infections were evidently the examples of person-to-person spread. In order to defend […]