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5 things the business travelers like in their Hotel room

5 things the business travelers like in their Hotel room

Saturday, August 17, 2019 , Hotel & Resort
rooms business travelers like

With corporate travel becoming a money-spinning market, a number of hotels  are beginning to provide the specific needs to business travelers around the world.

So as a hotelier if you are looking  to attract the corporate market, the following are 5 things that the business travelers wish for in the hotel room.

  1. Free but Reliable WiFi

For the business travelers, internet connection is one of the major considerations. The most of the corporate people choose the hotels that offer free WiFi with unlimited data. The connection must be secured and will offer free long or short distance call at any time.

  1. An office away office

While on tour, the common people search home away from home, the business people look for an office away from the office. The room must be strategically arranged like an office. Lighting especially near the table, beds and chairs  is very important. Other amenities that a business traveler likes to have are full-length mirror, hair-dryer, coffee makers, sealed etc.

  1. A calm down environment

Remembering that a room should be conducive to office work, business travelers want a quiet environment in the room as they believe the room as their office. Rooms need to be insulated to keep off any sound from outside. The quietness is also important for achieving sound sleep,  which helps you to boost up your mood next morning. Comfortable beddings  support good night’s sleep.

  1. Quick Turnaround Dry Cleaning

Quick dry cleaning service is very important to the business traveler who needs to be nice and polished all the time they are on tour.Especially in those places where the weather is hot and humid.

  1. Dining Inside

For the business travelers an in-room dining options is very important. Going extra miles, some of the hotels offer the opportunity of in-room-dining-wait times before the TV or App to know what they wish to take.

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