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5 things you need to check before booking a hotel

5 things you need to check before booking a hotel

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security

Yeah! You have yet to make an important search if you have already set up a date for a tour and got confirmation of the ticket. It is the choice of hotels and booking it in right time. Equally important it is to know about the availability. You need to see about the room if it is small, ugly, smelly, poorly. Also, the location of the hotel, position of the room, availability of internet and TV.  A lousy arrangement, can easily ruin a trip.

Always check the unstated hidden costs as to determine the accuracy, quality, or condition of the hotel room before you book one. A hotel with low base rates, with no sufficient amenities can often land you up in spending more money than a hotel that includes complimentary everything.

Follow these effective tips for hotel booking to get the best room in the best position at the best price:

First, check the exact location

Staying in a good hotel doesn’t mean that you have got an ideal location, except that busy road. The careful observation might help you to prevent this. Google Street View or Bing’s Bird’s Eye view will help you a lot to get a good look at the lay of land.

Secondly, check the review site

Knowing as much as possible about any hotel is the best strategy for getting a suitable hotel and a room that you will really enjoy staying in. After a bit of searching, you may often switch to any preferred hotel.  These might include noise, lousy food item, chancy Wi-Fi, dated rooms with shabby furniture and more, even if the hotel is attractive and much on a highway median.

Thirdly, check about if the hotel gets an Airport shuttle cab

Going and coming into the hotel by using a taxi or even an Uber can be expensive, especially because of the reason that most of the airport generally lies quite at a distance from the adjacent city center. When considering the cost of different hotels, ask them if there is any complimentary hotel shuttle from the Airport.

Fourthly, don’t fail to check parking availability and cost

In case you have your own car, ensure the availability as well as the cost of parking at the hotel. Even if, the hotel has parking availability, it often comes with a price tag that you must add to your daily hotel cost.But, if any hotel doesn’t have its own parking, the cost can be even higher.

Fifthly, don’t accept internet access for granted

As with parking or a shuttle, if you really need an internet access, you need to consider it part of your hotel budget. Suppose, you pay $10 for a night without internet, but you need to pay $18 with the internet service.

Take care of choosing the best hotel with enough search and research.