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process_of_disinfect_ your _hotel room

How to check in to disinfect your hotel room

If you are in the process of disinfect your hotel room for reopening after the pandemic then there are some steps that you must follow: First, wash your hands as 80% of infections are spread by hand. Since you are likely to touch doorknobs, elevator buttons, and hand rails, to […]


How the rooms where people have been infected be cleaned

Before entering the room, it is necessary that the person in charge of cleaning protects himself with gloves and besides disinfecting with 1000 ppm chlorine, using sprays on soft surfaces and avoiding cross-contamination. It is important to see if the bedding is washed at 65°C for 10 minutes or 71°C […]


Maintenance of personal hygiene in Hospitality Industry

Health is Wealth is an all-time true popular adage.  Health is a state of complete balance of physical, mental and social well being. A healthy person is more energetic. He works more, earns more and lives in comfort. Personal hygiene which is essential for all is also a part of […]


The importance of hotel hygiene

New research on the hotel hygiene shows 78% of hotel guests believe cleanliness and it decides their choice of staying. The study discloses that dirty bed sheets are most likely to make guests walk out, followed by a grimy bathroom (69%) or a malodorous room (65%). The importance of cleanliness […]


How to improve Hotel Hygiene in Covid19

Creating the viable surroundings and brand understanding for the visiting guests is very important. A poor experience at the hotel premise could be damaging to the business. It impacts customers’ allegiance to your hotel hygiene that makes them less expected to coming back. Clean and hygienic facilities play an important […]


Resort Guest Message for Social Distancing in Covid-19

Thursday, July 2, 2020, COVID-19, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security

The Communication is able to handle even the worst of situations and especially, during these times when the COVID-19 loom large and is sending the hospitality industry reeling with consequences. It is important for the hoteliers to make active their game of communication game in order to instill faith and […]


How to remind Hotel staffs to use hand sanitizer

The best way to remind the hotel staff to use hand sanitizer is by keeping it in sight and make it easily accessible.  The hand sanitizer must be placed near the high-touch surfaces and common areas that include: Entrance and exit point:  A doorknob could potentially be the cause of a […]


How to disinfect a Hotel Room

It can happen that even at some of the most fashionable hotel chains the virus and germs may turn your stay a nightmare that might cause illness. But disinfection of room hotel room might lead to prevent illness. Following a few steps below a hotel room can be disinfected When […]


Resort sanitization: Key points of Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, sanitation and hygiene is one of the primary indicators of how the customers accept your resort. A recent survey recommends the cleanliness as the key feature that the travelers look for when they decide where to stay. The matter of cleanliness is such an important issue […]


Guest confidence about hotel safety

A huge percentage of the hotel rooms across the world, including India are empty for the coronavirus pandemic, and many of them that are open are housing the first responders instead of vacation and business travelers. But with stay-at-home orders are becoming less tense around the country and hotels starting to reopen, the industry is […]