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Google Hotel Ads: An effective option to get direct booking

Wednesday, December 2, 2020, Article, hotel, Hotel & Resort, resort

With the rising of social media sites and internet search the process of searching hotel or resort for travellers has been changed a lot. Before making any travel decision, users will most likely begin the process on a search engine and Google hotel ads is one of them. According to […]


The hotels and Resorts after COVID-19 situation

Finally, it’s important to remember that presently we are going through an evolving situation. It is very much important to follow the guidelines set forth by the administration. Cleanliness along with honesty is good virtues to have for after COVID-19 situation. Not many of us have incorporated hygiene into our […]


Safe Hotel Booking

Vacation is the ultimate pleasure for many of us. Irrespective of short or long tour, a retreat from the daily activities always brings ceaseless soothing experience. It stops the button of commitments and responsibilities and we feel full of bouncy and enthusiastic. But hotel booking is the preconditions of maximizing […]


Online Hotel Booking Systems that You Must Know

Thursday, November 12, 2020, Article, hotel, Hotel & Resort, resort

Online hotel booking is very popular module now as it enables people to avoid harassment on the spot. Online hotel reservation is not one but many. While some are forceful and robust with several modules, and some are very basic. There are many online hotel reservation systems available in the […]


A few Hotel checkout slips that you should be careful about

Wednesday, November 4, 2020, Article, hotel, Hotel & Resort, resort, Safety & Security

Sound simple? But you must be very serious about everything before you checkout a hotel you stayed. It needs alertness to ensure whether you left anything undone or forget any important thing even if you are a veteran traveller.  Particularly it occurs when you hover around all day and finally […]