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Boutique Hotel: What it is

Boutique Hotel: What it is

Thursday, March 12, 2020 , Hotel & Resort

Temporary lodging for travelers has been around for thousand years. Find boutique hotels in key areas of the city.  ‘Boutique hotel’ is a relatively new concept that popped up in the 1980s, breaking all the concept of traditional accommodation.  Travelers’ never-ending search for something “new and different” inspired the evolution of boutique hotels.

But exactly what is a boutique hotel?

Gone are the days of functional, standardized hotels run by large chains. The  boutique hotels have managed to create a world of experiences that provide the guests to make their putting up  more than just a stay.  But  it is an added attraction to their trip.

That’s why these hotels take special care with the smallest of details, right from a location in key areas of the city to a décor designed by well-known interior designers with the outstanding personalized attention and the finest ingredients in their restaurants. All designed to turn the hotel outstanding into the kind for the host.

These hotels are like a great friend guide people  know the destination. Just like those friends who live abroad and make great guides.

You’ll find boutique hotels in key areas of the city, housed in historically significant buildings, or simply new buildings where history meets elegance to blend seamlessly into the surroundings.

Some are intended to a concept, but the others are home to different themed suites. But what makes these hotels extraordinary are their special qualities they have it. Some are fun, some quiet, and others odd. No two people are alike, and neither the two hotels of these types.

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