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Guest interaction in a hotel

Guest interaction in a hotel

Thursday, September 19, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort

A hospitality industry based on one important trait that management must aware to have working in the hotel. Here are some pointers that will help you to understand what do you need when you make a guest interaction in a hotel.

 Facial Expression
Facial expression is the non-verbal communication producing movements of the facial muscles. The expression conveys something about the emotional state of the individual to observers. So, having a full control over the facial expression is vital for interaction:

How can it be done?

1) Focusing with our face by looking ahead,
2) Standing by wearing a smile upon your face,
3) Not staring at the customers continuously,
4) Laughing in right manner at a right time and in right amount.

Communication via the movements or attitudes of the body
Body posture is another form guest interaction in a hotel of non-verbal communication that consists of a band of gestures and facial expressions. Human being interprets such postures subconsciously. The attitude of mind may be revealed through clues of the body language that revealed boredom, relaxed state, pleasure, delight, and intoxication etc. Some of the behavior that we can control in front of our guests includes:

  1. Standing straight, facing the guests
  2. Listening carefully
  3. Avoid chitchatting in front of our guests
  4. Keep away from screaming, whispering and or kidding in the working

Interacting with Guests and Colleagues
While having  guest interaction in a hotel or may with the equals; you are suggested to do the following:
1) Make Eye Contact
2) Be focused
3) Use the name of the guest fairly, normally two times in a conversation
4) Be quick to respond with helpful gestures
5) Look neat and well-dressed with tasteful clothing
6) Be well-organized and caring

The Guests’ Expectation at the hotel

Each of the guests expects superior services. In order to deliver that, we need to present them consistently by our daily behavior in order to meet guest interaction in a hotel. It consists of:
1) Skilled appearance
2) Responsiveness
3) Helpfulness
4) Good manners
5) Swiftness
6) Understanding
7) Adaptability
8) Management

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