Hotel Receptionist responsibilities and duties

Hotel Receptionist responsibilities and duties

Friday, July 5, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort

The receptionist ensures proper satisfaction of the guest of a wide variety of guests by meeting them as and when necessary. Not only guests, they also interact with a wide variety of people, such as potential guests, vendor partners and the team members.

The activities of the Receptionist

They perform their experiences through a variety of activities, including

  • Welcoming guests
  • Extending acknowledgment to reliable guests
  • Providing an accurate and efficient check in/check out process
  • Promoting the Hotel program
  • Assisting guests during their stay
  • Providing exceptional service over the phone

The receptionist, in this role must carry out the plans of the Hotels standards without deviation and procedures for delivering a reliable guest experience across the brand while obeying with all the measures of safety, security and quality.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the receptionists

  • Welcoming a guest

The receptionists provide a pleasant, welcoming experience to the guests soon after they enter the hotel. They welcome the loyal guests and military members by using the best practices draw round for each program. They ensure the Elite guests receiving the designated gift upon arrival.

  • Providing accurate process

They provide all the guests, individual or group with an accurate and well-organized check-in / check-out process while following the company’s policies and procedures.

  • Verifying and collecting the guest payments and identification

They make it certain that all the procedures are rightly maintained to protect sensitive guest information, identity proof, credit card information, process the financial statement with defined procedures.

  • Operating the hotel Key

They operate the hotel keys to control the entire system of protection while strictly following all the safety & security procedures of the key.

  • Keeping an eye on the check-in guests

They need to place timely welcome calls to make certain each check-in guest has arrived to a clean, and fascinating room with all the amenities in working condition.  Set up, wake-up calls as requested by guests to ensure they wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

  • Providing warmth to potential guests

They provide a cozy and friendly experience to prospective guests who request information about the hotel reservations by focusing on the need of the guests, asking for entering and confirming the reservation details, as well as the cancellation policy.

With solid organizational skills a receptionist can be successful in the profession of the hotel receptionist.