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Hotel Steward Job Description

Hotel Steward Job Description

Friday, February 7, 2020 , Article, Hotel & Resort

The hotel steward is responsible for anything related to fine dining experiences in addition to actual cooking and preparation of food. Generally engaged within the restaurant or a public dining area of a hotel appropriate for the people with good income. The role of the steward revolves the customers and their satisfaction. Right from setting tables to and garnishing the dishes, everything is done in between by the steward.

The role of Hotel Steward is simple enough to be suitable for a beginner. For the job only a high school diploma or GED is necessary. The Hotel Stewards’ is positioned at the back of the house of the dining area of the hotel rather than the dining area of the hotel.

The duties and responsibilities of a steward in a hotel

The stewards, in every shifting time, perform a multiplicity of duties and responsibilities in every shift. However, they need to switch back and forth between multiple tasks, which takes a flexible work style.

The following list outlines the core duties and responsibilities of the Stewards in a hotel.

Maintain Cleanliness of all Dining Utensils

The Hotel Steward is responsible to check all the kitchenwares including the plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware if they are completely cleaned between uses. This can often be done by using an industrial dishwasher and then hand polishing to remove leftover smudges.

Maintain Cleanliness of Kitchen and Storage Areas

Hotel Stewards also have to make sure the kitchen and storage areas are kept clean at all times. This includes cleaning industrial kitchen appliances, such as stoves, grills, freezers and ovens. This is an integral part of the Hotel Steward’s job, as the kitchen must meet health and safety standards at all times.

Assist With Food Storage, Rotation and Preparation

Although Hotel Stewards are not responsible for cooking, they are responsible for minor food preparation. This includes things like preparing fresh salads, garnishing dishes and adding fresh, salt or pepper according to customer taste.

Keep up a high standard of appearance while deal with the guests

Personal appearance code of Hotel Steward varies with the variation of standard of hotels and restaurant. Clean and professional appearance implies wearing right attire right attitude.

Approach Each Customer Encounter With Positive Attitude

Though Hotel Steward spends a greater part of their time in the back of the house, but they also engage interacting with the customers. With hotel dining, it is all about the customer experience. The stewards must contribute to this experience by constantly keeping up a positive attitude in all the interactions with the customers.

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