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How Hotel Star Rating Systems Meaning is done

How Hotel Star Rating Systems Meaning is done

Thursday, December 26, 2019 , Article

You may be confused of hotel star rating system when you are going to review the accommodation system of various hotels when you are planning a trip. When doing so, you may be confused about and misled by star rating system. It is, in fact, too much puzzling on the part of you across the country or abroad.

The hotel star ratings still have abundance of value as a general guideline of what you can rationally wait for from a specified hotel — assuming that you’re accustomed to the system. The star rating differs in different places, here is a general interpretation of the hotel star rating system.

  •  1-Star: A one-star rating often means basic accommodation. This hotel doesn’t mean low quality hotel with dirt and unkept condition in an unsound location. The guests can have the other facilities at their own expenses. Other facilities of the hotel are generally can be accessible at the guest’s expense. The hotel must have a clearly designed reception areas with at least 5 bedrooms.
  • 2-Star: Like 1-star hotel 2-star are usually reasonably priced and comfortable than the other ordinary hotels of higher rating. They are also generally comfortable. At a 2 Star Hotel, in addition to the essential hygiene and comfort the amenities for the guest are of a significantly higher quality. It is, therefore, suitable for economy travelers who look for a hotel slightly higher than the basic service standards and amenities in the conveniently located areas
  •  3-Star: Three-star hotels in the hotel star rating system ordinarily have some unique amenities and provide quality service. It meets guests’ expectation to a large extent and provide a comfortable stay. In addition, the hotel need to have a license for consuming liquor and an area to be served. Room service with at least of hot and cold drinks and light snacks in daytime and evening need to be available.
  • 4-Star: Four-star hotels are often noted for their upscale quality and extraordinary comfort. The range of facilities available and the design is higher. All the service is meant for satisfying the guests. The hotels are usually located near the centres of the city and are outfitted with exclusive facilities and dining areas.
  • 5-Star: A five-star property in the hotel star rating system, provides flawless guest services in a high degree. At 5-star property, premium level of services including customised is offered both in room services and dining to its guests. With no detail being ignored, these hotels usually provide high-end services. The hotel show off additional facilities, for example, secondary dining, leisure, business centre, spa, etc. included in the price.
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