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How the rooms where people have been infected be cleaned

How the rooms where people have been infected be cleaned


Before entering the room, it is necessary that the person in charge of cleaning protects himself with gloves and besides disinfecting with 1000 ppm chlorine, using sprays on soft surfaces and avoiding cross-contamination. It is important to see if the bedding is washed at 65°C for 10 minutes or 71°C for 3 minutes to avoid the rooms where people have been infected be cleaned.


If the aforesaid procedures are not followed, it is suggested that the hotels be cleaned thoroughly at night. Taking into consideration that the guests are the indispensable part of hotel or resort, they endorse making a list of all the surfaces that need to be sanitized. These include:

  • Every contact point at the reception
  • Offices
  • Bars
  • Restaurant
  • Stairs
  • Corridors
  • Elevators
  • Pool areas
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Public bathroom
  • Terraces…

Organize the staff that will be involved, allocate them tasks by zone, and assign apparatus. It needs to be ensured that all the staffs are properly competent. Make sure you have all the essential materials and chemicals. Necessary for disinfection.

Make an announcement for the clients with the help posters etc. that a thorough cleaning will be carried out, and that there will be no entrée to public areas during this period.

As for the implementation of the cleaning, the method is applied and added:

  • Only trained staff should be allowed to participate.


  • Confirm that all the clients are not going out of their rooms.


  • During the implementation of the cleaning task, demarcate the affected areas to prevent access from outside.


  • Dispose of gloves and other single use clothing in a garbage bag.


  • There is also the option of misting or humidification. This procedure is followed by closing the hotel for a few days for thorough cleaning. An external service provider may be hired to follow up the process of misting for further disinfection of all the areas.


  • The curtains should be washed at 65ºC for 10 minutes or 71ºC for 3 minutes.


Given the extent of the situation, staffs sure to have an obligation to be aware of their crisis management responsibilities. This is evident, to have good personal sanitization, which involves frequent hand washing, especially in the rooms where people have been infected be cleaned.  they have been in contact with sick people or in contaminated areas. The hotel should also provide the guest with information on how to stay calm and practice good hygiene.

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