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How to behave in a restaurant

How to behave in a restaurant

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 , Article

Eating out is a fun. Restaurant etiquette makes it more distinguished. Just like other social settings, there are some etiquettes that are defined previously for the restaurant. Food at home can be taken in any way since you need not have to answer to anyone. But the consuming food in the public places needs to follow certain rigid sets of rules.

The bad table manners not only make you look like an uncivilized man, but also discomforting to the people who are accompanying you. Again, the restaurant etiquette varies following the people accompanying you and also the type of food you are taking.

Here is some behavioral code of conduct for a restaurant

Gentle approach

Refinement is one of the optimum qualities of a polish society. This is true in case of the restaurant also. Some behaviors reveal more about your character and personality. For example, extending the chair to a lady to sit, opening doors for the women and helping elderly people in a restaurant will say a lot about your character and upbringing.

Make no Noise

It is fun to spend time with your friends in a restaurant, but not at the cost of worrying the other diners. Avoid talking loudly as a restaurant etiquette, make wit and humorous comments, at a low- decibel. Also, do not make needless talk with people sitting at other tables and upset them.

Use a napkin

It is best to use the napkin to avoid any mishaps while eating. Before start eating, take away the napkin placed on the table, spread out on your lap or knees. Once this is done, never use the napkin to clean or wipe your face or other crockery. After eating is completed place the napkin, semi-folded, on the left side of your plate. Do not leave it on the used plates.

Have Patience

Wait patiently until your food is served. At the same time act wisely at the sight of food. Also, restaurant etiquette always disallows to stuff your mouth with too much food at the same time. Talking while chewing is a no-no.

Never Rest Elbows on the table

It never goes well to rest your elbows on the table. Rather place your hand on the lap or at the edge of the table and sit straight. This not only gives you a smart look, but it also supports quick digestion of food.

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