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How to book a hotel safely

How to book a hotel safely

Friday, July 5, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort

Whether it’s a short holiday or a indulging in long trip, vacation is the ultimate pleasure for many of us.Vacations provides us never-ending experience that lets us to stop thinking about all of our everyday commitment and chores. We become fully charged like a battery. Now it is easier doing the first round preparations for vacations instantly  from laptops or from smartphones, minimizing the dependence on travel agents.  Sometimes we completely eliminate  the contact with them to book a hotel or resort.

The booking of hotel online has become simpler with the launch of hundreds of websites and Apps. We are now not only able to  know the wide variety of hotels across the world, we can see the  photos of the hotels with different attractions.  The reviews of the guests who spent 3-4 days stay at the hotel, also strengthen the possibility of making the reservations.

But it sometimes happens that the hotels that seem gorgeous end up landing in a hell when visited in person. Then, how is it possible to  find the hotel that fulfills all the criteria of “good hotel” at the best price.

Here are tips that help you need to book the just right hotel:

  • Photos are oftenmisleading

When you see the picture of the hotel, always focus on the hotel, not on the picture of the surrounding areas. Photos might give the impression of  areasof the hotel, but your focus should never be away from the different rooms of the hotel.

  • Types of the room

There are a variety of hotel rooms. At the time of booking, focus on the room you need and its pricing, such as the sizes of the room, facing of the window, look of toilet and washroom, etc.

  • Google Map

Google maps is one of the most important tools that can help you to proceed in the right direction. It helps to navigate through a place where you have never stepped in. All you need is to visit to a specific website, then  type the name of the street, and then the hotel and finally  press the Enter key. If all is well then sign up to the websites and get notified about the deal.