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How to check in to disinfect your hotel room

How to check in to disinfect your hotel room

process_of_disinfect_ your _hotel room

If you are in the process of disinfect your hotel room for reopening after the pandemic then there are some steps that you must follow:

  1. First, wash your hands as 80% of infections are spread by hand. Since you are likely to touch doorknobs, elevator buttons, and hand rails, to reach your room, this is the first step. Carrying a mini hand sanitizer is always recommended.
  2. Second, don’t keep your belongings on bed till you’re assured that it is cleaned. Be cautious of the comforter. While towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, are all cleaned in between stays of the guest. The comforter is not. If possible always remove them every time you enter a hotel room.
  3. Your suitcases can be full of germs, as they’re drawn along in airports, railway stations, overhead bins, rough roads, and taxi trunks. So never, put suitcase on the bed.
  4. Closed door rooms lacks air circulations. It needs fresh air to pass and circulate. So open the windows to get some air flow. Always prefer the hotel room that has a window and preferably a balcony that you can open and circulate fresh air into your room.

5 The study on environmental health, found that the sink area is one of the most bacterial areas in a hotel room.  Disinfect the sink area very carefully.

  1. If found unwrapped wash the wine glasses or mugs with hand soap and hot water if they’re not sealed in a wrapper, and leave them open-side up to dry. The same is applicable for ice buckets also.
  2. Hand-wash, hand-wash, hand-wash. Anytime anywhere this year, next year, and for the foreseeable future, you are going to want to be obsessive about washing your hands. Be aware of things like handrails, elevator buttons, and any buttons you encounter.

The process of disinfect your hotel room must be taken care of to avoid any damaging situation.

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