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How to deal with Communicable Diseases in Hotel

How to deal with Communicable Diseases in Hotel

Thursday, May 14, 2020 , Article, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security, Sanitation

Some infectious diseases are highly contagious and give rise to such a severe consequence that they prove to be menace to human lives and economy. Only the proper precautionary and/or control measures in place, the catastrophe can be averted. Hotel premises are such a sensitive place that a little bit of negligence might bring great disaster.  The communicable diseases in Hotel deserve special safety measures. The policies have been developed to prevent occurrence and spread of the diseases.

Surveillance of Outbreak of Communicable Diseases

The hotel management should keep a clear record of the staff in regard to sick leave and number of sick staff. If the staffs or the guests in a hotel are found to grow similar warning signs one after another and the occurrence rate is higher than that of normal times, this can be treated as “outbreak” from the standpoint of epidemiology. The driving infective force may be bacteria, viruses or toxins contained in the food.

Management of Outbreak of Communicable Disease

In any case, the suspected or contracted hotel guests/staff must be temporarily isolated and quick medical action should be arranged for them. Suitable infection control measures like putting on surgical musk, gloves  to prevent further spread of the infection in hotel. Group activities among sick hotel guests should be avoided to prevent communicable diseases in Hotel in a right way.

Disinfection of environment

During outbreak situation, disinfect the environment with household bleach in right proportion. Then leave it for 15-30 minutes and then rinse with water and mop dry. The areas like toilets, kitchens, lobby etc. that are frequently used should be paid special attention for disinfection. Similarly, the objects which are frequently touched like handrails, switches, door knobs should be sanitized with highly absorptive materials. Before performing the act of disinfection clean up vomits/excreta/secretions.

Hotel guests who show the symptoms of fever, cough, respiratory problem or any signs of infection should not use the common saunas, showers, saunas, Jacuzzis or spas that are provided in hotel gyms or health clubs. The moist condition generally spread of respiratory viruses.

Use of Swimming Pools

Acute conjunctivitis, Pseudomonas dermatitis, Legionella’s diseases, and Cryptosporidiosis are some of the common communicable diseases that could be transmitted in the settings of swimming pools or in whirlpool spas.

Persons with signs and symptoms of infectious diseases, like cough and cold, fever, red eye conditions must be prohibited from using the swimming pool.

The staff member should warn any persons with the signs and symptoms of the catching diseases to leave the pool and seek medical advice as fast as possible.

The strengthening of the observation of the water quality and the system of the disinfection of the swimming pool must be given highest priority to prevent transmittable disease.

Not a single area of the hotels should be left unnoticed to prevent communicable diseases in Hotel and keep the staff and guest safe.

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