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How to disinfect a Hotel Jacuzzi

How to disinfect a Hotel Jacuzzi

Friday, May 29, 2020 , Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security, Sanitation

Hotels have a responsibility to comply with government-enforced health codes. Housekeepers are responsible for the careful and methodical cleaning required to attain and preserve the pleasing hotel environment. One of the responsibilities of housekeepers is to disinfect a Hotel Jacuzzi methodically.

By taking the time to decontaminate and disinfect a hotel room jacuzzi, you prevent a buildup of bacteria, mold and microorganisms together with prevention any future mechanical problems.

Every time you see a hotel room with a Jacuzzi tub the reaction might be like “wow”. No doubt, they look as if they are relaxing.  Before you ever jump into one you must do a few things to clean and disinfect the bath tub in a hotel.

First, be sure that the power connected to the jacuzzi is shut off prior to clean and drain it. Don’t get shocked accidentally.  Drain the water out of jacuzzi by attaching a garden hosepipe to the valve, and gradually drain the water to a sanitary open drain, like a bath tub or sink.

Second, take away the cartridge filters for cleaning it every time you change the water in the Jacuzzi by pushing it out hose or soaking it for a few hours in cleaning solution. When it’s cleaned, place it back into the filter inlet.

Third, begin to clean the covering of the jacuzzi. Try not to use harsh chemicals as they might damage the covering.  Household bleach or other bathroom cleaners work fine to sanitize and remove any build up. Let the cleaner sit for the suggested time on the bottle, and then wash off the shell.

Fourth, dry the shell with a cotton cloth or towel in a right way.  Polish or wax the shell using another cotton cloth to spread the wax. This gives the jacuzzi a nice shine.

Fifthly, close the valve, and start to refill the jacuzzi with water. While it is filled, clean the spa cover by using a cover cleaner specifically made for jacuzzi Allow it to dry.

Finally, close the valve, and then begin to refill the jacuzzi with water. While the tub is filling, clean the spa cover by using a specially made jacuzzi cover cleaner. Allow the cover to dry.

Following the aforesaid steps you can disinfect a Hotel Jacuzzi in a right way.

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