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How to disinfect a Hotel Room

How to disinfect a Hotel Room


It can happen that even at some of the most fashionable hotel chains the virus and germs may turn your stay a nightmare that might cause illness. But disinfection of room hotel room might lead to prevent illness.

Following a few steps below a hotel room can be disinfected

When you get entry you might handle money, turn a doorknob and push the button of elevator. Tons of people touch these and 80% of infection is passed on by hands only. So it’s essential to remove any potential pathogens on your hands before you contaminate everything else in the room. Till you wash up, never eat, drink, or touch your face.

Inspect the room
Then, start inspecting the room. Start with the bathroom, the biggest source of germs. With a tissue, lifts the toilet seat sanitize both the sides of the seat by spraying disinfectant, even if it looks spotless. Wash glasses, mugs, buckets with hand soap and hot water, and leave them open-side up to dry. Next, wipe the most frequently touched spots, like toilet lever, faucets, light switches, the phone etc,. Use the remote control by sliding it into a protective plastic cover till your stay in the hotel.

Scrutinize the bed
Till you are sure about a parasite-free bed, don’t sit or place any of your belonging there. Draw the management attention right away if you catch sight of dried blood stains, tiny white eggs, or bedbug skin or shells. If there’s a bed cover, put it away. It’s doubtful if they are cleaned or changed recently. A duvet tends to be safer, but fold the sheet over the edge to keep your chin protected.

Disinfect the bathroom before using
Before using a shower, squeeze shampoo in the tub and flush the water on hot for a minute to minimize the number of germs even if the tub looks clean. If you skip, you need to reside with an untraceable layer of bacteria that sticks to tubs and other surfaces. It comes off only with strong scrubbing with a hard-bristle brush and soap.

The worst illness you can contract from hotel-room germs can be many. So, be sure that the hotel managemet disinfect a hotel room every day You could catch anything from a winter vomiting virus to a cold and skin infection. Most of the time, you walk away completely fine, but carrying the germs with you. It all depends on how well the room was cleaned after the last guest left the room.

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