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How to improve Hotel Hygiene in Covid19

How to improve Hotel Hygiene in Covid19

Saturday, July 11, 2020 , COVID-19, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security, Sanitation

Creating the viable surroundings and brand understanding for the visiting guests is very important. A poor experience at the hotel premise could be damaging to the business. It impacts customers’ allegiance to your hotel hygiene that makes them less expected to coming back.

Clean and hygienic facilities play an important role that turns an average stay into a wonderful one. There are some of the most essential points of the hotels and resorts that are frequently recommended by your friends and colleagues in this condition whenever they suggest a safe stay outside home.


A hotel’s entrance is the first most sensitive visible and important areas, critical to creating the first right impression. The moment a guest walks through the door, they presume a level of style and quality in keeping with brand.

Guest rooms:

Hygiene is not merely the cleaning of surface. It is also the cleaning of the dirt what you don’t see.  The germs can be easily moved from the bathroom to the rest of the hotel suite and put the guest health at risk.


A good washroom experience is very important and should never be underrated. A decent washroom experience may likely to influence the overall attitude of the guests towards your brand for the better enhancement of your business, quality of service and standard of hygiene that it offers to the guests.

Kitchens and dining areas:

Cross-contamination and spread of bacteria in kitchens can happen easily if suitable hygiene practices are not put into practice. The monitoring of Hand washing and sanitizing help to reduce spreading germs to hotel hygiene in Covid19 pandemic.

Leisure Centre (gym/spa/pool areas):

Unhygienic conditions in leisure centers like gym, spa or pool areas can lead to quick spread of diseases, like respiratory conditions and even intestinal disorders. Micro-organisms presents in sweat, urine, saliva and faecal matter grow vigorously in poor sanitation and epidemics can have a massive effect on the guests and brand reputation.

Conference rooms

With high interaction and heavy usage, the conference rooms in hotels and resorts create a breeding ground for damaging bacteria. A neat and clean meeting environment creates a pleasant guest experience and reflects well on your brand.

The said areas need right watchfulness for the guests in your hotel to keep them safe and protected during this Covid19 pandemic situation.

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