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Maintenance of personal hygiene in Hospitality Industry

Maintenance of personal hygiene in Hospitality Industry


Health is Wealth is an all-time true popular adage.  Health is a state of complete balance of physical, mental and social well being. A healthy person is more energetic. He works more, earns more and lives in comfort. Personal hygiene which is essential for all is also a part of health.

As per perspective hotel, the personal hygiene is the prevention, protection and destruction of virus and bacteria that can contaminate in a various ways. One can be infected anytime from anywhere. Everybody needs to be very careful about it. A person that follows cleanliness stands the best chance avoiding any disease. There is another adage “prevention is better than cure” that insists on being clean in every way. So one must take additional carefulness to be free from any virus or bacteria which are all the time around us but we don’t see them with our open eyes.

The contamination takes place from three ways: Bacterial, Physical and Chemical

In the hospitality industry all the three ways of contamination is emphasised. The standard of good personal hygiene during the hours of services in hotel is emphasised. The appearance of the staff says about the grade of hotel. Final look at the mirror is the first look of the customer.

Most of the people carry some kinds of pathogenic or invective bacteria and the staff must be responsible for maximum standard of cleanliness in order to ensure that they don’t harm the environment to make other people infected. Hands are the main carrier of bacteria or virus to contaminate oneself or others.

The tips to be followed to be free from virus:

  • Wash your hand in the hand wash basin specially made for this purpose.
  • Use warm water for maximum disinfection.
  • Clean the under nail with a nail brush.
  • Rub hands thoroughly and rinse under running water.
  • Dry your hands carefully.

During the working hours pay special attention to Personal hygiene. Neither comb hair nor put on make-up nor spit, sneeze, cough in public areas. Develop the sense of hygiene every day.

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