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Resort Facilities

Intercom System

Intercom system  sets up two-way communications all through  the building. The borders communicate with our management at any time.  We secure access by restricting the entrance of unauthorized persons by using the CCTV camera operated from inside the building. You can be  in touch reciprocally using the intercom system. Feel well-secured and comfortable in your own space. Enjoy this top facility to stay linked together in our resort.  This process allows for higher security at the access points of the building.


Resorts are not just the structures filled with rooms, they are full of boarder checking-in and checking-out daily. In such a situation, the safety and security of people visiting the resort is very important. The safety of resort premises is equally important with so many visitors present here. Our CCTV camera surveillance in the resort premises, parking areas, swimming pool, in front of the counter, etc ensures safety and security of the resort in the face of any unexpected activities.

Mocktail Counter

Our collection of products includes the best quality Mocktail Display at the Mocktail Counter to our clients at budget-friendly market prices. These counters have been set up in accordance with the industrial guidelines of quality by making use of the best raw materials. Our display counters are known for their excellent quality, ease of installation and low needs for maintenance. Our counters are spacious and the clients in various sizes and requirements can enjoy mocktail at cost-effective market prices. Our products are inspected to ensure the best satisfaction of the clients.

Swimming Pool

After a long day of traveling or sightseeing, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool. If you’re looking to make a splash on your next vacation, we offer the most exquisite pools with elegant designs and generous features. Taking a swim in our luxurious pools transports you to another level of exotic joy. Cooling down in the crystal clear pool, enjoying a stimulating cocktail, this summer worthy retreat will leave you feel cool long. Our competent staff always vigilant about pH levels and the cleanliness of the water. With all the latest and greatest additions, ours are the perfect swimming pool to fit your desires.

Car Parking

Seeing that your car is parked safely is an extension of our hospitality business. We care car parking outside with the same level of concern that we provide hospitality to our customers inside the resort, since your car park might be the first and last thing guests will see your competence. Our car parking team members work hard the moment the guests enter the parking zone till they drive out. However tricky it might be, we solve the entire car parking related problems by combining our expertise. Our 24×7 cameras keep your car under surveillance to fight against any risk of criminal activities. So we make your moments in resort happy and comfortable.

WiFi Connectivity

Our most desired utility service for the resort guests is the fast and secure WiFi connectivity next to electricity service. Our WiFi connection is secured, overwhelming and completely useful. The quality of our WiFi is the perception of the quality of our resort itself. We always aware of the requirements of guests that drive your WiFi decisions. So when we deploy our WiFi we always focus on the guests’ expectation. Our security infrastructure is able to control where our guests can go. So we have, a Firewall, a role based access control, profiling, IDS/IPS.