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Resort Guest Message for Social Distancing in Covid-19

Resort Guest Message for Social Distancing in Covid-19

Thursday, July 2, 2020 , COVID-19, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security

The Communication is able to handle even the worst of situations and especially, during these times when the COVID-19 loom large and is sending the hospitality industry reeling with consequences. It is important for the hoteliers to make active their game of communication game in order to instill faith and trust in the upcoming guests. With ‘social distancing’ on everyone’s lips, it is significant for the hotels to include the concept into its modes of communication. That being said, the Hotel Guest Messaging for Coronavirus Communication is the need of the hour.

Why Hotel Guest Messaging Platform is essential for the Guests in COVID-19

The researches have showed that maximum number of people rest on SMS, only 20% of them depend on email. This suggests that the inclination of reading text is getting higher as it is one of the best ways to be in touch with others.

Again, it takes very short time to answer SMS than sending emails. There is a glaring difference to their average timings between the two methods of communication. So make sure that you are handling text message side by side for making the communication more effective.

Obviously, the visitors require quick answers to their questions and with mobile phones come in handy; this is nothing difficult to accept as the most preferred mode of communication for the guests.

ore than anything, in times of COVID-19, the Hotel Guest Messaging provides excellent guest service by allowing one to run-through social distancing with flawless communication, thereby confirming the safety of the guests and hotel staff. More than anything, in times Coronavirus pandemic situation, the Hotel Guest Messaging provides excellent guest service which allows social distancing through faultless communication, thereby ensuring the safety of the guests and hotel staff.

he very first thing that you need to do is to power your text messaging with PMS by integrating guest data for faster communication. While you keep sending out emails, look for the ways in which you can shorten these emails and send them as text messages to the guests.

The text message categories include:
Pre-Arrival Message
• On-Arrival Message
• Mid-stay Message
• Post Check-Out Message

Along with emails, you can use the messages to communicate about special services to your guests during these Covid19 pandemic situations.

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