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Resort sanitization: Key points of Hospitality Industry

Resort sanitization: Key points of Hospitality Industry


In the hospitality industry, sanitation and hygiene is one of the primary indicators of how the customers accept your resort. A recent survey recommends the cleanliness as the key feature that the travelers look for when they decide where to stay. The matter of cleanliness is such an important issue that it surpasses not only the rank of cost and location, but also room amenities. During Covid19 pandemic situations nothing but cleanliness gets the top priority. Now, the owners are busy with their resort sanitization in whatever way they can.

In today’s hospitality industry, the return visit of the guests depends upon the cleanliness of the resort. Housekeepers are need to be trained on how to sanitize the guestrooms in the approved manner including the how to provide personal services, like greeting guests, setting guestroom air-condition.
Since the financial success is linked with strict maintenance of cleanliness, resort owners need to create a strict cleaning system for the entire area of their establishment. By strengthening operations and ensuring efficiency, a high standard of care can be achieved when the right measures set in place.

Here are a few tips to create cleanliness, sanitization or other cleaning-related standards to maximize the comfort of your guests. Never forget to keep clean and sanitized even the deepest and the darkest corners of your resort as these are under the scanner of the guests soon they arrive in the resort.

• To ensure your pool water is inviting and clean, you need to be constantly monitoring your water levels and its pH balance.
• Never allow your washroom to get dirty. Make it well sanitized so that your customers feel like royalty.
• Take on right cleaning products. Avoid harsh chemicals that can cause sickening exhausts and make guests feel uncomfortable. Using of all-natural and non-toxic cleaners is recommended in the guest room.
• Floors need regular cleaning to hold on their resilience and their appearances. Depending on the type of flooring, different methods and cleaning procedures need to be used.
• Maintaining a clean and sanitized kitchen is essential for keeping the guests happy and healthy.
• Cleaning is vital to keep equipments like grills, fryers, ovens, refrigerators safe and functioning. Remember to wipe down all of your major appliances including toasters, microwaves and coffee makers after every use.


In this hour of Covid19 pandemic situations the guests are very much afraid of travelling. So keeping your resort clean and germ-free is very important for earning resource. Ensuring all the guests enjoy their stay at their resort, only the highest level of resort sanitization is important.

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