Safety and Security in a Hotel

Safety and Security in a Hotel

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security

The guest service gets best priority in the Hotel industry. The guest always comes to hotel on understanding that their safety and security will never be breached, rather they are committed providing the best protected here. During  the stay in a hotel the guest would be safe and secured. At the same time it is also equally important that the assets of the hotel are totally secured.

The management must take care of the safety and security in the following areas:

  • Protection of the guest and their luggage.
  • Providing the staff lockers, insurance, protective scheme and wearable protective gears and clothings.
  • Hotel equipments must be protected including the safety and security cover up of fire.
  • Protection of raw materials, goods, provisions and groceries must be protected along with pest control etc.

Types of Security

  1. Physical aspect security
  2. Safety and Security of persons
  3. Safety and Security of systems

The Physical aspect security is divided into two parts

a) Internal | b) External

  1. a) Internal security
  • Theft safety
  • Fire safety
  • Lighting security
  • Assets security
  • Unwanted guests security
  1. b) External Security
  • Adequate lighting outside
  • Right fencing around the building and around pool area
  • Manning of the main gates
  • Installation CC TV cameras in all the places
  1. Security aspects of persons

For the staff

  • Right recruitment after selection
  • Proper Identification
  • Key manage
  • Red tag system
  • Training
  • Locker inspection

For the Guest

  • Check scanty baggage guest
  • Check suspected of taking away hotel property
  • Provide wide angle door viewer
  • Ask for identification in case the guest is doubtful

Over and above all these, some other important things are:

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