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Smile while serving the guest

Smile while serving the guest

Saturday, March 21, 2020 , Article, Hotel & Resort

From time to time, you may come across individuals who strive to keep a pleasant smile on their face. The servers at a hotel need to wear smile while serving the guest. Despite having a terrible day they maintain their smile,  saying a courteous hello to receive our order. In the hospitality industry, cheerful gesture like adding smile of the hotel staff provides a welcomed feeling, and to have satisfying dinner to the guest.

Smile adds a friendly touch to your personality

Any job in the service industry, may it be at a hotel, restaurant, and selling tickets requires gracious approach and pleasant smile.

Furthermore, the jobs like that of a front desk executive require pleasing personality along with a lovely smile, while greeting the people. Though it is not possible to feel great and smile all the time at work, it is most important in the hospitality industry to add smiles to your service and decide your personality.

Rude behavior and losing temper can cost a lot. For the flourishment in this industry, you must be alert paying attention to things that others say, keep a direct eye contact while talking,  keeping head high. Through these small gesture people judge whether your acts are genuine or not.

It is very rational to think that the customers with whom you interact is not interested in knowing your problems except your services. If you are somehow involved in any problem,  taking a break for a while till recovery can be helpful. Keeping on to add smiles to your service helps you to make cheerful attitude at the workplace, with smile a person can be a responsive looking individual.

Smile gives a good first impression

In hospitality profession, a genuine smile and friendly approach are decisive to generate the first real impression.

When a guest comes in or walks around in the reception area, there should always be someone at the reception to deliver a warm and friendly smile. It doesn’t matter whether it is an odd time of the day or even night, there must be someone standing at the counter to greet them on arrival.

To make the first impression add smiles to your service at the front desk service.

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