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The importance of hotel hygiene

The importance of hotel hygiene

Saturday, July 18, 2020 , COVID-19, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security, Sanitation

New research on the hotel hygiene shows 78% of hotel guests believe cleanliness and it decides their choice of staying. The study discloses that dirty bed sheets are most likely to make guests walk out, followed by a grimy bathroom (69%) or a malodorous room (65%).

The importance of cleanliness in hotels is the frequently discussed matter. The substantiation is overwhelming. Guests demand a high level of general cleanliness in their room including their bed, toilet and bathroom.

What can be done about when it arises?  Many of the problems of hotel hygiene is relate to the employed staff.

  • They are not sufficiently trained.
  • They are not properly supervised and managed.
  • They don’t have sufficient time to devote in cleaning each of the room.
  • They don’t have the correct materials and equipment.

In addition, the investment in simple, trusted and effective professional cleaning products is sometimes found lacking.

These management issues are needed to be addressed in right time with setting up a proper monitoring system. You need to notice how often are the complaints being made and how quickly they are addressed. Above all, it is important to notice if the number of issues reported gradually leads to decrease as a result of the efforts.

Surprise visit

As part of the process of cleanliness, regular surprise visit to the hotel as guest at least once in a month is very effective. After that a comprehensive report for management should submitted about the guest experience.

It is not about reserving the special suites for themselves, but they should stay in all types of rooms available.

Above all else, the hoteliers must remember the front-line staff that must be able to deliver high standards of hotel hygiene. Filling the employees with confidence helps to improve productivity and loyalty among them. Tools like these help giving lower skilled employees the ability to do a great job, which can develop their competency to complete daily tasks faultlessly first time, and every time.

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