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The Rooms You Should Avoid While Booking hotel

The Rooms You Should Avoid While Booking hotel

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security
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Just imagine the condition that after a long flight when you check into a hotel only to find that your room is right next to an ice machine. Its sound is like a severe case of whooping cough. What’s more, you have got no other option but to take room as it was the single room left for the day. But, in business tour it is important to know the rooms you should avoid while booking hotel as it is the question of peace that needs to prevail around the place. It is disgusting to have the room on the floor only to listen to the marching band practising all through the night for participating in any competition.

It is true. A bad hotel room can mess up any trip, it is higher when you’re travelling on business. If it’s not up to par or presents too many distractions, you may not be able to end that big arrangement or you might not be rested enough for that important client meeting.

What room should the business traveller avoid?

The rooms near an indoor pool surrounds an internal area in the building should be avoided. If not the permeating aroma of chlorine in your room fills you with soothing sensation, pass up this location.
Also the rooms you should avoid is near the lobby of the elevator. This area is filled with guest traffic for all the time of the day. Not only that, room delivery services are also very frequent in this area. Above all, the noise from the machinery of the elevator, can be continuous and irritating.

You need to be cautious when you are assigned the rooms on the second floor or just below the top floor. The reason is that when any public event is arranged, it is done either on the ground floor or on the rooms directly below or above you. The rooms you should avoid on these two floor prevents you from being annoyed. You will easily be able to avoid the confusion of the late-night parties that lasts till odd hours of the morning. The situations never allows you to wake up revitalised and ready for going to the next day’s business meeting or new business venture.

Female business travellers should consider booking a room in those hotels with a women’s only floor, which can be accessed via a special key card with additional security.

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