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The ways to gain repeat customers in your hotel and Resort

The ways to gain repeat customers in your hotel and Resort

Friday, December 20, 2019 , Article, Hotel & Resort

The times are not rare in the market, when only the best carry on and other get out of the orbit.  Out of ten hotels and resorts in a row, one operates well at the cost of the other giving only empty or half-empty. Customers are generally divided into new and repeat customers.   Pulling new customers  towards you is very important, though more than half of the customers of a successful restaurant are repeat ones, it is evident to be aware where the focus needs to be placed.

 Let your customers feel important and valued

People simply prefer feeling important and respected to be treated like general customers or mediocre. It’s an enduring  human nature. For an owner of a hospitality establishment, making them feel that way is a task to be fulfilled daily  for successful operation of the business.

Commit  the customers’ names to memory

More powerful and efficient way of making someone feel important is to call up their names. If you think you are bad at names, correct that. Let that be your first task on your way to success.

The trick is very simple but very effective for repeat customers.   Utter the customers’ name a number of times during the first few minutes of the conversation with them.


Smiling at your customers is the simplest way to make them better. Smile until your face stiffen, and then smile again.

Remember their likes and dislikes

 In addition to the name of every customer,  you must remember their likes and dislikes of their order, and their differences with the others. These two things on their own can gain you repeat customers in an easy way.

Offer the customers something free of cost

From time to time, but not too often, the customers like to get something free of cost. So offering  them something free leads to customer flow. It can be soft drinks or appetisers during  the repeat visit of the customers. It is enough to feel the customer appreciated.

Train your staff to value the importance of every customer

The trained staff only knows how to make your customers sense the importance.   Set up motivation and rewards for the staff members to involve them to get regular customers, as well as the repeat customers. Let the reward system become an average in your establishment.

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