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Tips to make family friendly hotel

Tips to make family friendly hotel

Friday, January 3, 2020 , Article, Hotel & Resort, Safety & Security

If you aim at making your hotel an industry yardstick for family friendly hotel, it is time to look beyond merely offering a standard family room and embrace fresh, creative, innovative ideas to win business from families and keep them coming back time and again.

Here are a few ideas to consider to boost the appeal of your hotel to family friendly:

The love package offer is one of the common ideas with the family. The package consists in activities, meals, and perks. The families with activities for young children and adolescents in particular are the most successful.

Here are five initiatives you can consider to put into practice to fulfil the purpose:

  1. Set up a partnership with brands or prominent public figures that balance your own brand family friendly hotel. These can include cultural and sports icons unique to your city.
  2. Appeal to adventure loving families by exhibiting your hotel as a family destination with nearby activities. These can be visited as the cultural hotspot,  like a zoo, museum, castle and sport activities, excursion or event etc.
  3. Aim the families with high disposable income by positioning your hotel as a premium level location for a family getaway. You need to be fully prepared with a range of outstanding children’s activities and services to help the parents be relaxed and loosened.
  4. Target the families which are on budget by offering them room meant for family friendly hotel which includes triples and quads. Particularly in times of the typically lower tenancy this procedure is tactically very effective.
  5. Generate unique, unforgettable theme for your family packages. Two examples themes can be “Our first family holiday!” or “The great outdoors family weekend away.”

It is of course essential to promote your family packages to the decision makers in the family: parents. The family holiday might be scheduled around the kids’ school time off and/or  parents’ working time off in a family friendly hotel usually arrange their vacations in advance.

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