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Why Hoteliers Should Know the mobile hotel bookings

Why Hoteliers Should Know the mobile hotel bookings

Saturday, March 7, 2020 , Article, Hotel & Resort

The mobile phones, at the beginning were used for making phone calls only. But now it is no less than a mini computer. What’s it about the hotel booker? Over one-third of people use a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to book a hotel room. Here’s what you need to know about mobile hotel bookings to connect with travellers to win over the  guests.


With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to see photos and videos of strange and exciting locations. Travellers can grow envious as they peruse their friends’ news feeds, wondering what trip they might take next. Of all the  travellers using the smart phones, 69% search for the travel ideas during the spare times. This time is the right time to make a first idea that will continue  throughout the journey of booking.


As mobile devices have been rooted deeply  in our lives, there has been a fundamental shift in the way people devour media, as well as advertisements. What used to be foreseeable online have been replaced with micro-moments: split  interactions that happen immediately. The users of Mobile hotel bookings experience of the users  creates hundreds of these micro-moments each day, from checking the weather conditions to comment on a video.


Even though a traveller might be inspired, they may not be ready to book on mobile.  The expensive bookings, like flights, hotels, and other accommodations are expensive. So the consumers need plenty of information to be confirmed that they are getting sufficient information before making any final decision.


Some travellers are undecided in regard to Mobile hotel bookings. Only ¼  of the travellers feel they can find the same information on both smartphone as well as desktop, though this number is gradually growing. Sometimes the poor functionality of the mobile phone lets the users jump to the desktop.

Ensure an expedient travel experience by giving the mobile users’ security. When a traveller leaves your hotel with a good review and rating,  it becomes a credible trusted source to other mobile bookers.

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